July Advocacy

 Our Care-Rite family is important to us.  Every month we come   together at our advocacy meetings to celebrate and support each  and every member of this family.  Advocacy meetings give our friends a chance to express themselves through singing, dancing, laughing and praying. They also give us a chance to recognize their accomplishments. It is a time we truly cherish and look forward to.  Our July advocacy meeting, filled with American spirit for the 4th of July holiday, was nothing short of spectacular!  But for this month, it wasn’t our individuals who stole the show, it was our new family member, a purebred Golden Retriever named Rosie!  Rosie is a 10 year old, retired therapy dog who came to us from Canine Support Teams Inc. of Menifee.

Rosie at July's  Advocacy Meeting


Steven and Rosie

We are looking forward to the blessings Rosie will bring to us as she receives the love and attention of around 150 people!  Yes, Rosie will be very spoiled.  In return, Rosie, with her calm and gentle demeanor will provide companionship to all of us.  At Care- Rite we know things happen for a reason, so it is no coincidence Rosie came to us on the day we could share her with everyone! Happy July!

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